Mental health resources for churches


A. How to Rate Your Faith Community

B. Interactive Congregational Resource Guide for Mental Health Ministry.


Albers, Robert H., Steven D.Thurber, William H. Meller. (editors), Ministry With Persons With A Mental Illness And Their Families. 

Carlson, Dwight L. Why Christians Shoot Their Wounded?: Helping (Not Hurting) Those with emotional Difficulties. 

This book is worthy of its many good reviews. Carlson, a physician and psychiatrist, cites scientific evidence to restore peace and dignity to those who have been told by well-meaning individuals that their mental illness is due to sin, spiritual weakness, or lack of faith. Pointing to substantial research findings, Carlson takes issue with prominent Christian writers and speakers who over-simplify emotional distress.

Carlson is one of the few current Christian writers who points out the healing dynamic in the word translated “equip” in Ephesians 4:7-13. The healing aspect of this word implies that churches need good health in order to offer healthy ministries to hurting people. Also, he points out that the business model approach of church involves number crunching leads to neglecting or crushing the wounded in our congregations.

Haugk, Kenneth C. When and How to Use Mental Health Resources: A Guide for Stephen Ministers, Stephen Leaders, and Church Staff. 

Oates, Wayne. Behind the Masks: Personality Disorders in Religious Behavior 

Pate, C. Marvin and Sheryl Lynn Pate. Behind the Masks: Personality Disorders in the Church


Simpson, Amy. Troubled Minds: Mental Illness And The Church’s Mission Downers. 

Strobel, Shriley. Creating a Circle of Caring: The Church and the Mentally Ill.