Resources for children of all ages of mentally ill parents

Until recently, the focus has been on an adult daughter or son of a parent or parents with a mental illness. This is changing. So is the terminology from the adult child of the mentally ill parent to the child of a parent with a mental illness.

Since well over 50% of people who have serious mental illness are parents, bringing this to the public's attention to the young sons and daughters is long overdue. Both the parents and the children need much support during these difficult times, not something that has been focused on before.


1. Children of Parents with a Mental Illness

2. Helping the Child

3. For Grandparents of grandchildren whose parents have a mental illness

4. National Network of Adult and Adolescent Children Who Have a Mentally Ill Parent/s

5. COMIC-Children of Mentally Ill Consumers

6. COPMI: Children of Parents with a Mental Illness

7. Call to Help Children of a Mentally Ill Parent.


8.  Family Management Crisis Plan

9. The Forgotten People (Children of a Parent with a Mental Illness)

10. Raised on Madness

11. How should a parent with a mental illness explain it to their children

        a. Toddlers and pre-school

        b.  Teenagers 

12. When your parent has a mental illness

13. Care plan for kids and young people for when their parent is in crisis

14. Adult Children of the Mentally Ill

15. When a parent is depressed.....What kids wants to know

16. When a parent has a psychotic experience......What kids want to know.


17.  Facing the difficulties of growing up with a mentally ill parent



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Children of a Parent With Depression

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Children of a Parent with Schizophrenia

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Adult child of A Narcissistic Parent(s)

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Adult child of a Borderline Parent

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Child of a Borderline Parent

Lawson, Christine Ann, Ph.D. and Jason Aronson. Understanding the Borderline Mother: Helping Her Children Transcend the Intense, Unpredictable, and Volatile Relationship

Dealing with this mental illness within a family calls for wise and firm boundaries. This book offers practical insights and instruction where Stop Walking on Eggshells only touches on lightly. The two books together make an awesome pair.

This book is quoted at length in the workbook for Stop Walking on Eggshells.

It is not only descriptive of the four types of these mothers but also prescriptive in how to relate with each type within healthy boundaries.

Rashkin, Rachel MS. An Umbrella for Alex

It tells the story of how a young boy learns to understand and cope with his mother’s BPD illness.