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Clergy Care Network Canada


For the pastor, the pastor’s wife and the woman pastor. 

We provide free, confidential counselling to pastors and their families by telephone. We also maintain a referral network of Christian counselors across Canada with special expertise working with clergy families. We work with Focus Canada to put on special events for pastors/spouses as well.

Fairhaven Ministries Canada

Fairhaven Ministries is a non-denominational, registered, charitable society committed to providing a retreat ministry where Christian leaders can be encouraged, supported, and restored physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our prime focus is serving those in positions of Church, Mission, and Parachurch leadership.


Bullied and Abused Lives In Ministry

An International and Inter-Denominational  Christian Support Group for Damaged Ministers based in England

                                   United States

               Several of these Ministries are Nationwide

Associates in Advocacy

Sometimes clergy need advocates for themselves


Barnabas Ministries International Encouraging Pastors Who Encourage Congregations

Ex Pastors

Forum for Clergy Caregivers

If you are in a ministry to ministers, this is a good site to visit and learn more about this Forum who have been meeting together since 1989.

Faith and Health Connection: Pastors page

Faith and Health Connection is also on FaceBook

Clergy health could be one of the most vital issues we have in the world. The greater the level of individual clergy health, the more effective pastors and clergy will be able to serve their congregations and communities with the message of hope, grace and love.

HealingChoice Ministries

HealingChoice was founded by Marcus Tanner and his wife, Michelle. It is a ministry that was birthed out of their own experiences in ministry. 

Over the course of their lives and ministry, they have seen the hurting in the church, they have worked for and met many pastors who were hurt in their respective ministries. Marcus and Michelle not only witnessed the devastation that unforgiveness and bitterness causes in the lives of those who experience it, they have experienced it in their own lives and ministry. 


Journey Partner Ministries


Partnering with women, married to pastors and women in ministry  on their faith journey.

Lombard Mennonite Peace Center

They offer mediation and reconciliation services for resolving conflict. Also offers training and certification in mediation and reconciliation skills through a variety of workshops and seminars. Clinics specifically for clergy and church leaders.


Ministry Health


Ministry Health contains hundreds of in-depth articles to help support pastors and church professionals toward healthier ministries. Pastoral health, congregational health, organizational anxiety, conflict, crisis support and Christian spirituality are just some of the topics addressed from a balanced, evangelical Christian perspective.

Ministering to Ministers Foundation

Pastor Care

Founded in 1995, PastorCare, The National Clergy Support Network, was established to provide a confidential, Christ-centered ministry for pastors and their spouses in need or distress. With the goal of helping those who are called to ministry, stay in ministry, Dr. Moore established PastorCare to provide services through a support network of professional caregivers. PastorCare does not charge for services. 

PastorCare is a purely faith-based, non-profit ministry supported by gifts, donations, and a volunteer network of caregivers and service providers. Retired pastors, missionaries, and volunteer laypersons encourage and assist pastors and their spouses who contact PastorCare. The goal is to meet the need and revitalize God's shepherds to continue the call to serve God's flock.

PastorCare is an ever expanding network of individuals who share a common heart for helping hurting pastors and their families. Their desire is to serve as a support network for hurting pastors providing practical assistance and ongoing support. PastorCare recognizes that pastors are in special roles as caregivers while often needing care themselves. PastorCare provides help that is practical, personal, and private (confidential).

Pastoral Care

Peacemaker Ministries

Equips and assists Christians to respond to conflict biblically. Workshops, conferences, and seminars for church leaders, parents, and teachers. Also offers mediation, reconciliation and arbitration services.

Sarah's Tent

A site directed specifically at pastors' wives, and is a great support to help the family of disenfranchised pastors.

Smoldering Wick Ministries

Smoldering Wick is a safe place for leaders, be they pastors, youth leaders, worship leaders, wives of leaders, children of leaders - any who feel empty or have a growing weariness with church or Christianity or a growing anger with God.

Spiritual Abuse Recovery Resources

Spiritual abuse occurs when someone in a position of spiritual authority, the purpose of which is to 'come underneath' and serve, build, equip and make God's people MORE free, misuses that authority placing themselves over God's people to control, coerce or manipulate them for seemingly Godly purposes which are really their own.Spiritual abuse occurs when someone in a position of spiritual authority, the purpose of which is to 'come underneath' and serve, build, equip and make God's people MORE free, misuses that authority placing themselves over God's people to control, coerce or manipulate them for seemingly Godly purposes which are really their own.

Spouse Connect: Where Ministers' Spouses Can Find Community

Created by a small group of United Methodist pastors' spouses, SpouseConnect seeks to provide a safe space for the husbands and wives of pastors and others in congregational ministry to share frustrations, joys, concerns, and ideas with others who understand.

                            Ministries Listed by State


Pastor Care


Pastor Care



Ministry Insights International, Inc.

Committed to equipping pastors and their families in strengthening all of the important relationships in their lives by helping them identify their God-given strengths and blending their differences with others

Pastor Care


Cottage on Coronado Island

A private one-week counseling retreat in a lovely guest cottage with kitchen and bath on Coronado Island, San Diego, for clergy individuals and couples. Accepts only one individual or couple at a time, with counseling provided by both a psychologist and marriage family therapist for couples in crisis, personal healing and renewal.

They also have a For Women Only: A Retreat for Women in Leadership. 

Mountain Learning Center

An 11-day mountain retreat for pastors and their spouses designed to revitalize their relationship with God, self and others through physically, emotionally and spiritually invigorating, therapeutic experiences.

Pastor Care

Pastors in Pain Pastoral Advocacy Network.

Their mission is to help injured, hurting ministers who have been rejected from the ministry or have chosen to leave for self-preservation reasons to rediscover the joy of their  salvation; to renew their individual value; and to focus  on God's  intent for their lives.

The Barnabas Factor

This is a ministry of support and encouragement for pastors.


Barnabas Ministries Providing Care for Christian Leaders

Marble Retreat Center

An interdenominational, biblically-based counseling center nestled high in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Group and individual intensive counseling is provided by highly experienced and gifted Christian counselors in a 12-day session intended to address personal, marital, familial and, when applicable, ministerial issues.

Pastor Care

Potter's Inn

Provides soul-care, spiritual direction and counseling for Christian leaders in safe settings.

Quiet Waters Ministries

One- or two-week intensive counseling sessions, including 15- or 20-hours of therapeutic interaction in a home-like retreat setting. Also offers family and couples retreats and other services to renew Christian leaders and their families.

Renewal Ministries

Nine-day Renewal Retreats provide a safe, nurturing environment to experience  spiritual renewal and address critical clergy issues that often become “ministry and marriage-killers” if left unaddressed. The consulting division of Renewal Ministries serves as counsel to churches and denominations in the areas of conflict resolution and spiritual leadership training.

Restoring the Soul

Provides one- and two-week soul-care intensives to pastors and others in church leadership

Shepherd's Heart Ministry

Intensive counseling for pastoral couples and ministry leaders who are burned out, having marriage issues or who are being tempted with moral failure at any level. These one-on-one counseling intensives are held at one of the ministries' two retreat centers (either in Colorado or Canada).

SonScape Ministries

SonScape Retreats offers a safe place to come away and regain one's identity in Christ and calling from God.  Thousands have found the help and hope they need during their time on the mountain.  A SonScape retreat is a great addition to any sabbatical.

Standing Stone Ranch

Offers a six-night stay for full-time Christian leaders and their spouses in a relaxing and safe environment with a trusted and experienced pastoral couple. The ranch is  located on the Navajo River in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado.

Stone Gate Resources

Offers restoration in sexual purity through an intensive program offered in a private retreat setting that points pastors and missionaries away from sexual brokenness and sexual impurity to restored intimacy with God and others.

The Center for Christian Counseling and Spiritual Resource

The Equipping Company


Pastor Care


Pastor Care


Associates in Advocacy

Sometimes clergy need advocates for themselves.

Battlefield Ministries

Care for Pastors                       24/7 Hotline 352.728.8179

A ministry of encouragement for pastors and wives in helping them know they are worthy of their calling and helping them through counseling, encouragement and temporary housing for small get-aways for them.​

Care for Pastors is now on Facebook

Capernaum Ministries

Pastor Care


Resolve Church Conflict


Kenneth C. Newberger Church Conflict Resolution Specialist


Grace Valley Ministries

Pastor Care

Shepherd's Refuge -- Selah Ministries

Offers a peaceful place of rest and restoration for those in church leadership and their spouses to help them review their priorities before they burn out.


Provides consultation, counseling, coaching and conferences to ministers, their families and other ministry leaders.

The Father's Heart Ministry

As a counselor and a pastor, we understand the unique challenges facing pastors and their families. Our ministry focuses on the personal, marital, emotional and spiritual healing needs related to these issues.


Lombard Mennonite Peace Center

They offer mediation and reconciliation services for resolving conflict. Also offers training and certification in mediation and reconciliation skills through a variety of workshops and seminars. Clinics specifically for clergy and church leaders


Pastor Care

Vitality Care

VCI provides counseling/coaching/prospective employee screenings for ministry professionals, missionary wellness assessments, 3-7 day counseling intensives or a renewal get-away at our chalet.


Pastor Care


Buffalo Ridge Hospitality & Retreat Center

Provides spiritual and emotional support to pastors and their families who need a break from routines and stresses in a relaxed country setting amidst acres of meadows, wild flowers and buffalo.

Heart of America Ministry Women

They host an annual fall conference which provides a safe place for pastors' wives and women in ministry to have personal renewal, challenge for spiritual growth and fellowship with peers. The organization also holds a monthly support group for those within driving distance, quarterly events which develop ministry skills and 24/7 availability for crisis care.

Pastor Care

Pastor Serve

Intervention, counsel and coaching for pastors.


A Quiet Place, Inc

This non-denominational ministry offers full-time Christian workers a free five-day sabbatical, including all meals, for the purpose of revitalizing their relationship with God, their spouse and their family.

Pastor Care


Pastor Care


Pastor Care


Pastor Care


Barnabas Ministries, Inc.

Their vision is to bring encouragement and challenge to New England pastors by helping them: grow spiritually, develop as godly and capable pastoral leaders, and work together for the unity Jesus prayed for, thus transforming their communities for the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Care



Alongside is a Christian counseling and retreat ministry geared to the unique needs of Christian leaders, especially pastors and missionaries. At an Alongside retreat, you'll find a safe place--a place where caring, professional counselors can come alongside you as you seek healing and renewed strength for ministry.

 Barnabas Ministries  


Barnabas Ministries on FaceBook

Nehemiah Ministries, Inc. is now on FaceBook

Nehemiah Ministries is dedicated to the development of supportive ministry to families involved in Christian leadership.

Pastor Care



Minnesota Renewal Center

An interdenominational renewal, counseling, consultation and mediation ministry designed to care for the emotional, developmental and leadership needs of ministers, missionaries, churches and Christian organizations.

Pastor Care


Pastor Care


Anchor Missionary and Pastor's Retreat

Provides accommodations along with an understanding and listening ear.

Pastor Care


Clergy Recovery Network

Mountain Top Retreat

A quiet, private mountain setting for pastors, vocational Christian workers and their families to find rest and renewal. On-site Biblical counseling available, if requested.

Pastor Care


Barnabas Ministries Providing Care for Christian Leaders

Pastor Care


Pastor Care

New Hampshire

Pastor Care

New Jersey

Pastor Care

New Mexico

Pastor Care

New York  

Pastor Care

Samaritan Counseling Center

Offers counseling to pastoral families (individual, couple, family) that addresses spiritual health as well as mental and emotional health from a systems perspective that involves not only the family, but the church and its impact on the family system.

North Carolina

Center for Congregational Health

Charis in Wake Forest, North Carolina

A ministry bringing healing and renewal to Christian leaders through two-week retreat programs.

Faith and Health Connection: Pastors page

Faith and Health Connection is also on FaceBook

Clergy health could be one of the most vital issues we have in the world. The greater the level of individual clergy health, the more effective pastors and clergy will be able to serve their congregations and communities with the message of hope, grace and love.

Hidden Hollow Retreat Center

A retreat center in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains set aside specifically for pastors and those in Christian ministry who want to spend time alone with God.

His High Places

We are a crisis and crossroads Christ-centered ministry which helps those who are in the ministry and others who are hurting. The top five needs addressed at His High Places are: sexual immorality, depression, inordinate anger, marital strife, and burnout. The founding director is the Rev. Sam McMillan who was a United Methodist minister for 21 years in eastern NC. (828) 963-4866

They have a location in both Banner Elk, NC and Smith Mt. Lake in VA.

Pastor Care

The nondenominational Davidson [N.C.] Clergy Center

Experience with depression and anxiety opened former Presbyterian pastor George Jacobs' eyes to the needs of "exhausted and burned-out" clergy.

Whispering Cove Retreat: A Retreat for Renewing Those in Christian Ministry.


Pastor Care


Pastor Support Network Every Pastor Needs A Pastor



Barnabas Ministries, Gallipolis, Ohio

Emerge Ministries

Emerge Ministries is now on Facebook.

Provides a wide range of psychological counseling, therapy, testing, consultation, education, workshops and seminars for the Christian community.

This is a safe and compassionate environment in which to recover from the varied crises in one's ministry and/or family and personal life; mental health professionals with pastoral experience understand your needs fears and hopes.

Gentle Shepherd Counseling Center

Gentle Shepherd-Counseling Center is on Facebook

Offers individual, marital and family counseling, equine-assisted psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, OCD and recovery from sexual abuse. Experienced with missionary and pastoral families (children, teens and adults).

Innkeeper Ministries, Inc.

Dedicated to providing, free-of-charge, a quality facility with services that encourage, support and edify Christian leadership who are weary and, at times, wounded from their godly pursuits.

Kettering Counseling Care Center

Offers professional care and support for full-time workers in ministry, marriage and individual counseling, conference presentations and speakers bureau, and a two-week intensive counseling/renewal experience for individuals or couples.

They operate a national 800 number phone service for pastors, teachers, staff, and their spouses and children. The purpose of Ministry Care Line is to give church professionals, and their immediate family members, confidential access to the support and consultation of a trained Christian mental health worker. In addition, national directories for referrals to local Christian mental health professionals are maintained to aid subscribers.

Ministry Care Line phone consultants are currently available 27 hours weekly Monday thru Friday 2:00-5:00 p.m. [EST] Monday thru Thursday 8:00-11:00 p.m. [EST]

Pastor Care

Psalm One Ministries

They have SoulCare Retreats for Ministry Leaders and retreats for Pastors' Wives.


Charis Foundation-West

A ministry bringing healing and renewal to Christian leaders through two-week retreat programs

Pastor Care


Pastor Care

PIR Ministries

Rhode Island

Pastor Care

South Carolina

Pastor Care

The Shiloh Place

The Shiloh Place Pastors Connection connects pastors and ministry leaders to the Shiloh Place leadership. We are offering our wisdom, encouragement,and opportunity for mentoring.

South Dakota


Desert Light Ministries

“Rekindling hope in ministry leaders experiencing desert realities” is the mission of Desert Light Ministries. Through counseling, consulting, speaking, and teaching, we lovingly offer the truth of God’s Word to hurting ministry leaders.

Ministry is rewarding… but it is also difficult! With the many challenges and demands placed upon today’s ministry leaders, it is no wonder that the statistics concerning burnout, struggles in ministry, and divorce rates among these individuals are so high! Perhaps you as a ministry leader, are in need of encouragement or renewed perspective? Are you struggling with burnout or concerned about your marriage? 


Aldersgate Renewal Ministries

Offers a three-day minister and spouse retreat, free retreat cottages for pastors and their families (based on availability), an annual conference on the Holy Spirit and multiple renewal events impacting individuals and their local churches.

Fairhaven Ministries

Rest, recreation and renewal are offered in beautiful chalets in the Blue Ridge Mountains for vacation, personal retreat or professional counseling.

Pastor Care


BethNuah (House of Rest) Ministries

This ministry provides--at little or no charge--small, personal retreats for the wives of pastors and ministers along with emotional, spiritual and ministry support by phone, e-mail or in person.

BethNuah Ministries is now on Facebook

Connecting Point Ministries on Facebook

Connecting Point Ministries is available on a love-offering basis plus travel expenses for retreats with emphasis on pastors and staff, workshops, and church and family counseling.

CPMinistries purpose is to minister to all people -- especially those in full-time ministry, who do so much ministering to others that they are often overlooked as having needs of their own. CPM is especially concerned for those considering leaving the ministry for whatever reason. Also to the lay person who needs enrichment and restoration in their lives. To aid in restoring families and pastors to useful work in expanding the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Hidden Manna Christian Retreat Center

A place for those in full-time Christian ministry to find a haven of peace, strengthen their marriages and find freedom from the past.


Pastor Care

The Corner Stone Lodge

A place where hurting church leaders can find healing and renewal.

Westwood Ministries

An interdenominational ministry dedicated to the health and healing of Christian leaders and their families. Ministries offered include counseling, mentoring, sabbatical/rest and life/ministry training.


Westwood ministries is now on Facebook



Pastor Care


Pastor Care


Ministering to Ministers Foundation

Seeks to serve as advocates for clergy and their families in all faith groups who are experiencing personal or professional crisis due to deteriorating employment or congregation-clergy relationships.

They also conduct Wellness Retreats for pastors and spouses in various locations.  

See their quarterly newsletter:  The Servant ~ Publication of Ministering To Ministers Foundation, Inc.

Pastor Care


Noble Maritime Ministries

We help people rediscover their God designed identity and destiny, provide rest and renewal, assist people in overcoming their emotional wounds, fears, and discouragements and provide training in pastoral care, all in an inspiring nautical setting.

Pastor Care

Soundview ministries is now on facebook

Provides a safe place for men and women in ministry to experience an interlude of rest and restoration and encourages them to revisit their calling with strength and hope.


West Virginia

Pastor Care


Broom Tree Ministries

Providing 5-day Spiritual Retreats for full time Christian pastors and spouses at one of their four locations.

Broom Tree Ministries on Facebook

Pastor Care

Pinnacle Ministries Healthy Pastors, Healthy Leaders, Leading Healthy Churches